A New Driverless Car Will Begin Its Trek From California To New York

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Delphi Automotive’s Self Driving Audi SQ5 SUV is set to begin a 3,500 mile driverless journey from California to New York. The car has just left San Francisco and will arrive on April 3 for a car show in New York. Meanwhile, two people will “live” inside the car as it drives in case of any emergency.


Delphi’s car includes 20 sensors, four raders and a laser mapping system to guide itself throughout the terrain it’s to travel. The coast-to-coast test will showcase the capabilities of the automated vehicle and an attempt to be the longest automated drive attempted in North America.

Delphi said that drivers on the road shouldn’t be afraid of the driverless vehicle should they pass by it.

The company is one of the biggest automotive electronics and safety systems suppliers. The car is to acquire 2.3 TB of information through cameras, radar and its laser mapping technology for future research and development.

Observers and analysts praise Delphi’s new test with the growing interest of the car industry to develop driverless vehicles, which may be in production in 2020.

Along with Delphi, Google and Tesla Motors intend to improve self-driving vehicle technology in the next few years.

Trend Analysts Conclude That Cars Would Have Mixed Pedigree In The Future

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According to BMW’s Sales Chief Ian Robertson “The sports car market is roughly half of what it used to be. Post-2008, it just collapsed. I’m not so sure it’ll ever fully recover.”

Honestly, in the last few years, there have been fewer buyers of new cars, even new models. Most of these buyers are those who could definitely afford them, and those that are just savvy about cars.

Globally, there are billions of cars driving all over roads, clogging up the highways during the rush hour. This is one reason why most people wouldn’t want to buy a car; they end up getting less than they paid for.

However, to get the appeal of many consumers, cars have been “inbreeding” to unify groups who trust the brand. Trend analysts predict that shared production could be the future of budget sports cars.

According to Autonews.com’s Richard Truett, the Toyota-Subaru deal that spawned the Scion FR-s and Subaru BRZ had the attention of many car enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, Chrysler and Mazda released the Fiat Spider with the MX-5’s Miata’s crucial parts, which helped boost the attention given to the two company’s wares.

Truett also pointed out that consumer’s increasing want for multiple options in cars is what drives most companies to join forces and create a good premium car.

How to Survive the US Thanksgiving Travel

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Thanksgiving in the United States is just once a year, but I’ve heard horror stories of gruelling traffic and disastrous weather spoiling all the fun. Here are three things you need to know to survive your travel during thanksgiving. Trust me, this guide came from my friends in the US and I thought I’d share it with you guys.

  1. Weather

My friend Jonathan from the United States said that the weather may not be cooperative this time of the year. The rain and snow may clear by thanksgiving day, but you’ll still need to bring some warm products. You might see some several inches of snow in Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Boston, around six inches or more.

  1. Traffic

Travelling by car is hell, but you might not have any choice, according to Paula. She said that the AAA estimates a 4.3% increase in the volume of traffic. She also said that authorities would be around to usher cars and regular news updates would monitor traffic. She advises to listen to the radio virtually all the time.

  1. Airlines

Airports will be busy for the rest of the long weekend. Paula also estimates that there will be 3.5 million flyers estimated for Thanksgiving Day. However, the traffic is heavier with the inbound passengers. She advises that signing up for the airport email and text updates would be good to know what to expect coming down the airport.

Holy Smokes! It’s the Tesla P85D!

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I’ve never been more stoked my entire life than to know that Tesla had finally announced the arrival of the Tesla P85D! I knew it was going to be a marvel. Of all the electric car manufacturers in the world, Tesla definitely outdid themselves with this one.

The new Tesla has a 60 or 85 kWh battery for its two motors, which power its all-wheel drive. It is the first dual motor production car that completely runs on electricity. Each axle has a generator.

Despite the seemingly-heavy vehicle approach, digital harnesses control the torque of the rear and front wheels. It also has a very low centre of gravity, which delivers its great speed. The load of each battery is split to each transformer in the vehicle.

I am also amazed at the new safety features of this new baby. For one, it has a semi “auto-pilot” capability that allows the car to switch lanes, reduce speed, gauge traffic while staying in a lane independently through a map. But no, drivers couldn’t let the car drive on its own, but it makes the journey safer and less tedious than driving just any kind of car.

The new car will begin shipping in the United States by December 2014 and us here at Europe have to wait a little bit longer. I cannot wait to try my hands on this new vehicle that proves to be more revolutionary than the very successful Model S.


How Does Tesla Shape Up With the NanoFlowCell Saltwater-Fuelled Car?

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As oil becomes the backbone of transportation, oil could be restricted to the production of electricity alone, thanks to Tesla’s Model S Sedan that runs purely on electricity. Even more, CEO Elon Musk had released all patents for public use to speed up the development of electric car research. But another competitor might just rip open a new niche in the car industry.

Enter the NanoFlowCell AG, a months-old automaker that showed up in Geneva’s Motor Show on March 2014. It featured a “supercar” fuelled by a saltwater-filled flow battery.

Even I would be staring at it in disbelief. Many automakers have tried it before and they worked, effectively if I may say so myself. But this particular car challenges the world’s geo-economy, which runs on fuel markets. But NFC AG’s Quant e-Sportlimousine has been approved road-worthy for European roads, making it next to Tesla for innovation.

The Quant’s engines are powered by electricity by using saltwater’s ionic property to produce such. The electrolyte fluids are stored in 200-liter tanks. Through osmosis, the fluids in each tank are different. The energy produced during osmosis produces the electricity needed to run the vehicle.

Flow batteries and electricity. Tesla said that the Quant will not be a threat to their Model S and future ventures into the electric car industry. One of them, according to car analysts, is the pricetag. The Quant is worth $1.7 million (£1m) while a Tesla Model S only costs $75,000 (£46,300)


Interesting Sidelines for Busy Professionals

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I must admit, even travel agents nowadays are as busy as you could be. We also work desk jobs, ensure the accounting is properly managed, assess booking dates for clients, etcetera, etcetera. You could say we must earn a lot, right? But no. Even here in the UK, the economy may seem up, but you would still need that extra on the side. So, if you’re ready for an additional earning opportunity, refer back to this list.

1. Smaller-Scale Microfinancing
You would not need to register your microfinancing business if ever you are only lending to at least three people in your community. At this rate, you could earn a good return on the side while keeping track of your own career. You would only need to do minimal accounting at this rate.

2. Insurance
Even if you’re employed, insurance companies welcome freelance agents who need not to report too often to their offices. As long as you keep your quota in check, you could make a career out of insurance. No question; as a travel agent, I am also part insurance agent. My clients sometimes need the insurance they could get, and I am ready to offer to them.

3. Marketing
Anybody can do marketing as long as you know how to talk to people. Being a travel agent, I am also a part time seller of rare goods from small startup companies and networking distributors. The business in network marketing continues to be lucrative and hassle free too.

What the Future Holds Seven Years From Now

The future is astonishing as it is mysterious, but the best thing to do is to not know our future before we get to experience it, or else we fall prey to living only to the pretext of the future. But it is nice to know a few things, especially the technology and other things the future holds for humanity. Here are some of them I read from popular mechanics.

1. Language
The US’ DARPA and Internet giant Google is continuing efforts to bring the famous translation service from web browsers to application with smartphones and microphones. You could use your phone as a personal translator, especially in travels where the native language is difficult to understand.

2. Climate Controlled Jackets
It’s hot or cold, and when it’s hot, we take off jackets. Now a climate-controlled jacket allows you to look cool while feeling cool on a hot weather. If you think this is just a novelty, its applications on military operations will help soldiers stay afoot longer. It will even help them become comfortable.

3. Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology, while remaining a big, ethical concern, could be used in medicine and surgical operations that require precision. It can help deliver medication directly to the troubled cells. It could also help destroy malignant cells and even viruses through external controls, should the technology become developed.

Why is it Lovely to Travel?

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I am not about to sales talk you into travelling using my services. As I have said before, I’d like to keep this blog mine, and my job as it is. I’m a travel agent, and I myself find it lovely to travel. I say it to all my clients, not just because I can get commission, but because travelling is enjoyable for these personal reasons.

1. Skills
Traveling is not just about finding leisure; it is also about enjoying the new routine and place presented before you. Just like how you were when you first got a job, travelling makes you adjust to a new routine while you are in location. You will learn a new skill every single day, especially if you’re spending your vacation skiing, or snorkelling deep into waters.

2. Sights
Many people also like to know the history behind the country they are visiting. The sights and sounds of places in the world are different from one another. Museums are a great place to start, but I would recommend going for the natural treasures, namely lands, that the country has. Those sights make it more memorable and enjoyable to remain in-country.

3. Culture
You will learn a new language if you want to know more about the history of your vacation spot. Knowing about the vacation spot and its culture takes knowing how to respect the culture, observe their customs and live as the locals would while you are staying.

Tesla Model S: Superchargers, Great Mileage and Built Like a Tank

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Tesla zoomed its way up the ranks of great automakers after it introduced an original Nikola-Tesla designed engine into their new Tesla Model S series. It had become all the rage in the car industry today, changing consumer views regarding mileage and battery storage. In the northeast of the United States, Superchargers, which Tesla announced will become a free service, ensures that your 260 miles will continue forward. They will be like catapults bouncing you off towards your destination.

According to a creative review of the Tesla Model S by The Oatmeal’s very own artist, the Tesla Model S is a car that had crushed a machine intended to destroy it. The safety of the vehicle is impeccable. The Oatmeal described the vehicle as being built “like a tank.”

One of the main innovations of the vehicle is the total redesign of the dashboard into a touchscreen menu. Reviewers highlighted this as similar to what a futuristic vehicle would feel and do like. According to them it is also innovative because it handles the fusion of cars and computers effectively.

It also has an ultra-quiet, zero-emission driving system. At virtually $89,650 (£53,267), you get a vehicle that will not just save the earth, but save you money, and potentially save your life from the dangers of the road.

How Banks May Have Short-Changed Your PPI Claim

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A regulatory loophole called “Alternative Redress” allows banks to recompense their consumers by taking a single-premium PPI policy, paid in full by consumers, as a regular-premium PPI policy. Regular-premium policies cost less than a single-premium policies, which means if you received £2,870 it might not be the actual total for your compensation.

The Guardian had exposed the Lloyds Banking Group’s exploitation of this loophole, allowing them to save millions of pounds in refunding PPI to consumers. According to Cliff D’Arcy, a journalist who specializes in financial services, it is a new scandal “coming out of a scandal”, which is the mis sold PPI troubling millions of UK consumers.

The Financial Ombudsman even acknowledged the existence of alternative redress complaints. The FOS described it as a small number of complaints that progressively increased in number.

According to The Mirror, Barclays, Lloyds and RBS have exploited the loophole as well in different dates. Those who had claimed from Lloyds since February 2013 may be short-changed, for Barclays, October 2012-2013, for RBS, since January 2013.

According to claims handling company Payment Protection Insurance Claims Co, if your letter contained phrases such as “alternative redress” or “comparative redress”, you could process your refund further as these are evidences that you have received a lesser refund.