Do water damage companies provide carpet cleaning and restoration services?

In some cases, water-damaged carpet can be recovered and restored with professional restoration and cleaning services for water-damaged carpets. Whether or not your rug can be stored depends on several factors. Two of the most important aspects to consider are the extent of water damage and the duration of the damage. The longer a rug has been wet, the more damage it will suffer.

Properly cleaning carpets after they are damaged by water is the key to preventing mold and, ultimately, the expensive replacement of carpets. Read on to learn how to do that. For example, if water from a broken pipe on the second floor seeps through the floor and reaches the ceiling of the lower level, it is likely that that water has become a category 2 pollution and, therefore, will have to be cleaned before restoration can begin. We have also taken care of furniture damaged by water and common household items that needed to be cleaned, disinfected and disinfected.

Remove furniture from water damaged carpet. If you can't move them, simply place aluminum foil under the legs of the furniture to prevent them from rusting or from forming wood stains on the carpet. However, sometimes, replacing the carpet will be unavoidable because the water that caused the damage is too harmful. We have specialized water extraction and carpet drying equipment and a team of courteous and highly experienced professionals who prioritize your comfort and will get the job done efficiently.

Examples of gray water include bath water, washing machine water, or toilet water contaminated only with urine and no other fecal matter. Most homeowners in DC, Maryland, or VA find us Googling terms like water damage repair in Northern Virginia, water damage restoration, water damage cleaning, and flooded basement, just to name a few. Category 3 water damage includes sewage damage, which is the most serious type of water damage. Most importantly, however, the fact that the water-damaged carpet can be saved depends on the type of water that damaged it.

Chances are that if your rug has been damaged by water, more property and belongings have also been damaged. And you should do the same when an unscrupulous water damage restoration technician tells you that they can “handle it and you'll be fine.” Sometimes damage can be easily treated, especially if there is a small amount of clean water. When there's excess water on your property and it's not removed right away, building materials, furniture, and other porous objects will absorb the water and be damaged in the process.