Do water damage companies provide contents cleaning and restoration services?

Level Creek Property Restoration specializes in cleaning and restoring belongings damaged by water, fire, mold, or smoke. There is always a risk of damaging that property during work or storage, leaving you responsible for paying for repairs or replacement. Sponsored content is a special paid section in which companies in the industry offer high-quality, objective and non-commercial content on topics of interest to the Restoration %26 Remediation audience.

Water damage

can come from several things, such as broken pipes, malfunctioning appliances and a leaking roof.

You will be responsible for any damage or loss to that property, even if the damage was not your fault. We can inventory your contents room by room and provide you with a detailed and accurate list of your belongings. In fact, it's the main reason why many restoration and remediation contractors are not insured for their content cleaning and restoration work. The bad news is that not all of these policies are the same and many of them have serious problems covering restoration and remediation contractors who are responsible for packing and cleaning the contents.

Most restaurateurs are surprised to discover that nearly all commercial liability (GL) insurance policies are excluded (or in the liability coverage portion of a BOP) that states that coverage does not apply to property damage under the “care, custody, or control of the insured.” Therefore, your real estate policy will go to the customer's insurance policy to cover the damaged property that you held on bail and you will deny it in your policy. While the kitchen and other damaged areas of the house are repaired for damage caused by fire, water, and smoke, you take many of the landlord's belongings to your office and storage area for cleaning and restoration, where they will be kept until the restoration of the house is complete.