Do water damage companies provide dehumidification services?

ServiceMaster is available 24 hours a day at (85) 957-6627 for emergency water removal and damage restoration services in Washington, DC. Dehumidification removes moisture from the air and prevents secondary damage caused by condensation in water. At BELFOR, we use sophisticated dehumidification equipment. This means that we can produce effective drying results and eliminate environmental concerns.

Your lower level was flooded and your carpet is soaking wet. Or maybe your bathtub overflowed or you discovered a huge water leak and water is dripping from the ceiling. Do you need to hire water restoration services? Or can you just run a fan and a dehumidifier? Why can't I run a dehumidifier or fan to treat water damage? You most likely won't have the professional-quality equipment to achieve that level of moisture removal in that 48-hour period. You'll have to invest in a significant amount of equipment to really get rid of all the moisture.

However, it doesn't end with the removal of water. It's not uncommon for many wooden walls and furniture to remain damp inside or behind, even when the surface feels dry, and hidden moisture is a serious problem that can quickly turn into a dangerous mold colony if left untreated, and mold is no joke. Find out why mold is a serious problem. Health risks from mold growth include wheezing, itchy skin, pain and fatigue, not to mention the decay of furniture, floors, and other exposed surfaces.

If you have minor or severe water damage and decide to skimp on professional help, you're leaving the cleaning process to chance. Simply put, dehumidifiers only prevent swelling and warping; they'll never get rid of excess water in the hardest to clean areas. In addition, a dehumidifier takes much longer than a professional water extraction, increasing the potential damage to your home. But let's say you've decided to invest in a dehumidifier after professionals have removed the excess water.

Where to start? First, remove any furniture and carpets that may have been damaged by water (if catering services haven't already). Then choose a commercial or professional quality humidifier. Commercial dehumidifiers typically remove 55 grains of water per pound. Professional machines will have more refined settings and with lower granulometry.

Other settings will specify the optimal levels of square footage and humidity at which the machine can perform best. You'll also need to operate the fans to move the air and reduce drying time. Remove industrial-quality fans and curtains from the area so as not to spread mold spores throughout the house. Extend air through the windows of the affected room.

You'll most likely continue to feel damp on your carpet, ceiling, or floor even after you've turned on the fans and dehumidifier for 48 hours. Although it would have been ideal to hire a professional right away, it is advisable to have a professional check for water damage. Dehumidifiers, moisture meters, and air motors can remove absorbed water. You may suffer lasting damage as a result of not involving a professional right away, but you'll still prevent mold from developing.

Let's say your neighbors have a loud dog that won't stop biting your furniture, tearing your clothes and barking at neighbors. Owners can read some books to discover the best ways to correct their misbehavior, or they can invest in a professional dog trainer who knows the animal and produces more effective and lasting results. The same is true for water damage. You may think that you have the situation under control with a mop and a dehumidifier, but it's best to check it out with a professional.

Whether you decide to call a professional or not depends on the seriousness of your situation, but water damage should not be taken lightly. If you are facing a water damage problem that requires restoration, call us. Services does not provide these services at this time, we can connect you with a reputable company that can help you restore your property. David Parker runs a very capable and ethical business.

Using moisture meters with exclusive, patented software, technicians carefully measure moisture content and the extent of water damage. Since water has damaged your property, fast and effective extraction and drying are of utmost importance. Water damage requires immediate attention, so don't hesitate to call ServiceMaster NCR once you notice water damage to your home or building in Fairfax, VA. First, remove any furniture and carpets that may have been damaged by water (if catering services haven't already).

This means that the use of professional water drying equipment plays an integral role in our water extraction and drying process. Once again, trying to remove water at home, even if you use professional or industrial dehumidifiers, doesn't necessarily mean that all water will be effectively removed from the property. The clock starts to run from the moment the water enters the property, so it's vital that you contact a professional BELFOR emergency water extraction team as soon as possible. Services: everything related to plumbing, emergency plumbing in Charlotte, mold prevention and removal, water damage, fire and wastewater.

If you have a water emergency, don't wait any longer to contact the experts at commercial water drying and dehumidification services. This involves a risk, since wastewater that remains after the water extraction process has been completed can still cause damage to a property if left untreated. Completely avoiding water damage is nearly impossible because anything from a leaking faucet to heavy rain can cause water damage in your home. .