Do water damage companies provide lead abatement services?

CORE TEAM provides expert mold remediation, asbestos abatement and lead reduction services in Alexandria, VA and nearby cities. Once a certain amount of exposure to lead occurs, serious side effects, neurological damage, and sometimes death can occur. Lead can cross the placental barrier, meaning that pregnant people and their unborn children are at high risk and the developing nervous system of babies can be damaged by exposure. We take all necessary precautions when it comes to properly evaluating the presence of lead in your home, making sure to check all places where lead can be found.

Therefore, it is crucial to take immediate steps to minimize risks, such as property damage and potential adverse health effects. If you suspect that mold, lead, or asbestos has invaded your home, business, or multi-family property, contact the certified professionals at FH Water Restoration for fast, comprehensive removal and remediation services. While most molds are harmless, some types can cause serious health problems, such as lung infections or damage to the central nervous system.