Do water damage companies provide repair services?

What Does a Water Restoration Company Do? In addition, if your insurance company determines that the landlord could have prevented water damage, it can deny your insurance claim. If water seeps into these pores, you'll likely have to cut and remove sections of the drywall and then replace it. A roof can be damaged during a storm, allowing rainwater to enter the attic or upper level of the house. If it has just been damaged by smoke or water, there is a chance that it can be restored to its pre-loss state.

The moving company, sometimes referred to as the restoration lifeguard, arrives at the site to evaluate the property, contain and prevent further damage and, finally, extract stagnant water from it in order to begin the restoration process. RestoreMasters is an experienced restoration contractor that offers complete services, offering turnkey solutions that include roofs, cladding, windows with 26% of doors, interior restoration and exterior repairs an additional 26%. Water Damage America, conveniently located near Alexandria, VA, offers you the best service for your water damage needs. This can't be found out until the situation is contained and you don't run the risk of damage spreading further throughout the property.

In addition to any standing water that may be contaminated and dangerous, other hazards you should be aware of include asbestos, especially if the property is old. Finally, removal also involves removing water from the property to essentially eliminate the threat of further spread and damage to property. Extracting water from the property is generally done using an exhaust fan mounted on a commercial grade truck to remove standing water. PuroClean technicians are highly trained and certified, using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to effectively remedy property damage.