How do water damage companies handle paperwork and documentation?

Restoration, videos, how to select a contractor 26% more. As an insurance agent, you are on the front line in dealing with claims related to disasters and accidents. When water distorts or destroys document signatures, this can nullify the legality of the document. Often, a company's retention of files requires that the originals be stored or accessible for a specific period of time.

In addition to any standing water that may be contaminated and dangerous, other hazards you should be aware of include asbestos, especially if the property is old. Some document recovery and water damage restoration companies can even install air-dried distribution areas in facilities, a great idea for companies that manage a large amount of important information on paper. These critical documents, such as property deeds, financial records, and patient medical records, can be easily damaged by water, fire, smoke, mold, or moisture. An appliance that uses water, such as a washing machine, freezer, hot water tank, or refrigerator, may malfunction.

As you can see, it's impossible to restore a water-damaged property until it's been properly mitigated, as professional restoration contractors must know what needs to be done first. Water can quickly soak up these documents and ruin their contents and, over time, damage the compounds through the insidious growth of mold and mildew. For example, damage to a file box that was left in the rain compared to a file box that remained in a basement for weeks after a flood will require different approaches. Water damage can ruin an entire business or home, but damage recovery teams, which act quickly and have the right equipment, can return your documents and personal effects to almost their pre-disaster state.

If you suspect that your water is in the gray or black classification, contact your local fire department, water office, or environmental protection agency to have it decontaminated. If a safe isn't an option and you find yourself with water damage in the house with a soaked pile of papers, don't freak out. SCI Supply %26 Rental offers the sale, rental and supply of water and disaster restoration equipment to Loganville, Georgia, with satellite offices across the country, including Hockley TX, Conroe TX, Dickinson TX, Fort Gibson OK and Henderson CO. Your house may be perfectly dry one moment, and the next day you'll have to deal with a broken pipe and a basement full of water.

To help prevent mold growth until the McMahon Services equipment arrives, start by drying as much water as possible from the papers. It's worth noting that while it's not unusual for a water damage removal company to work independently of a water damage restoration company, the same company often provides removal and restoration services. As the name suggests, this type of water damage does not pose a health risk to human beings and is more annoying than anything else. In fact, well-intentioned attempts to save objects can further damage confidential records, valuable documents, or irreplaceable collections.