What kind of training do water damage companies have?

The Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) course is a 3-day (19-hour) basic training offered by the Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification Institute (IICRC), which benefits specialists in commercial and residential remediation.

A water restoration license or water restoration certification is not required in Georgia, Georgia.

However, if you are doing contractor activities or carrying out repairs for water restoration, you should check with the Georgia State Contractor Licensing Board. Water restoration certification may be a requirement for carrying out water restoration and mitigation projects for banking, property management and government. Water restoration training and certification show the industry that you are eligible to undertake projects.

With more than 150 videos on water restoration, you can train your staff on the basics, process and science of drying. In addition, train your technicians in customer service. This series will help improve the skills of your entire team and keep everyone informed. This is a service sector that involves water damage caused by a broken pipe, a natural flood, or even a snow-related flood.

Education and training allow technicians to differentiate between categories and classes of water damage. In some situations, water damage specialists must treat mold that has developed as a result of waterlogging. And it goes without saying that they must have the tools and equipment to effectively clean and assess damage. This involves proper cleaning, damage assessment, and recommendations for restoration and remediation.

In addition, water damage can cause structural damage, such as the collapse of drywall, the weakening of support beams and even damage to metal surfaces. This type of water intrusion can cause serious illness or even death if swallowed: accumulation of water in the sewers or toilet overflow (with faeces). In professional circles, restoring water damage requires the expertise of a specialist, a trained technician who understands the nuances of water damage and who can offer comprehensive service levels when requested. This IICRC approved Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) course is designed to provide basic education to technicians and other parties materially interested in the science and practice of restoring water damage.

These courses include training certified by the IICRC for industry professionals, such as professional water damage restoration (WRT) technicians. These are services that allow reconstruction teams to fully restore damaged facilities to their original state and, in many cases, to a better state. It's about providing an effective drying protocol, treating residual moisture areas, and restoring damaged plaster, drywall, wood and concrete. Water Restoration Specialist, Fire Restoration Specialist, Mold Specialist, Disaster Estimation Specialist, Disaster Recovery Specialist, Class Enrollment.